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      1. ABOUT US

        We are a professional powder supplier which provide  series of compound materials powder and new industrial powder materials application to global customers . With years of rich experience and continuing accumulating forward market oriented technology innovation .we have been to make new market share in the glass powder ,glass fiber powder ,;low melting point materials, spherical powder materials. Soft materials, special fiber materials ,etc, for decades, we have provided competitive products and services to electronic ,precision optics, semiconductor,  adhesives,painting, construction chemicals, ceramic casting , rubber plastics, and achieve a win-win strategy goal with customers.Our  products have been applied  in  a number of industrial applications , serving   hundreds of  companies  both home and aboard 。

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        • Lianyungang Oawa New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
        • Add:East Hailing Rd.307#, Donghai Economic Development Zone ,Lianyungang,Jiangsu,China
        • Zip:222300
        • Tel:+86-518-87297229
        • Fax:+86-518-87297339
        • E-mail:info@oawa-china.com
        • 名稱 Lianyungang Oawa New Material Technology.,Ltd

          地址 East Hailing Rd.307#, Donghai Economic Development Zone ,Lianyungang,Jiangsu,China